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The Riot Act

Give ‘em what they want.

An axiom of the music business is that people like what they’re familiar with. The reaction will be “I know that song. That’s one of my songs. Let’s go in here.”

That’s the philosophy behind The Riot Act. A barrage of the familiar. The Riot Act attracts and retains an audience.

Make it sound good.

“Why do I hear two guys when I only see one???”

Until you stop and listen closely, it’s not obvious that anything out-of-the-ordinary is going on.

But there is.

Tune in, and you're certain that you're hearing two musicians. But when you round the corner to see where the music is coming from, you wonder "Hey, where's the other guy???"

The Riot Act uses technology effectively by keeping it subtle -- without allowing it to overwhelm the production. Acts that incorporate technology often succumb to the most obvious approaches, which result is a sound that is artificial, manufactured and mechanical. Our approach is completely organic. In addition to a singer/guitarist on stage, we feature a recording of the same singer/guitarist singing and playing. Simple. But the effect of the second “performer” is transformational. The sum of the two parts is much greater than the individual components. The aural result is a duo.

Subtle, but effective.

Target your demographic.

The Riot Act is fun for everyone, but it especially aimed at the “boomer” peer group -- the one with the most disposable income. The Riot Act understands that, while music is one of life’s great joys, it’s also a business.

The Riot Act is a high-energy, fun, up-tempo musical set. There may be a place for dour, melancholy ballads, but a party environment is not that place. This package is designed to attract a crowd and keep ‘em happy. The goal is audience retention.

About The Riot Act

The Riot Act is Bruce Cannon. Bruce grew up playing every musical instrument he could get his hands on. After earning a university degree with a minor in music comp, Bruce went on to participate in a slew of musical endeavors. The projects are too numerous to list, but they range from solo acoustic piano performances to large scale multi-media experiments.

Currently, Bruce is performing as The Riot Act, a “faux” acoustic guitar duo that specializes in classic rock.

Bruce is an avid traveler. He has visited over 20 countries and thrives on meeting people from different cultures. Born in Anchorage, Alaska to a military family, he currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where he has lived for over 20 years. He is NW-NX-NK (No Wife, No Ex-wives, No Kids.) Outside of the music world, Bruce has a B.A. from North Texas State University and has an extensive professional background in video/audio production and in computer programming.

More Information and Booking
Phone: (214) 69B-RUCE
Text: (214) 924-1183
Email: riotact@accessguy.com